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Citrine is a stone of manifestation that enhances the flow of motivation and supports the drive to achieve success.  This high frequency quartz stone varies in color from the palest of yellows to a dark golden brown.  Citrine is also know as the “Merchant Stone” and it is no surprise given its ability to help us succeed, providing a clear path to wealth and abundance.  It’s bright and cheerful quality helps to sustain the optimism to stay on path towards our goals.

Traditional Health Benefits:  Citrine, as a stone that helps remove negative patterns and obstacles on our chosen path, has been used to relieve stress and anxiety.  Much in the way it filters the impurities that can hang us up on our way to success, this mineral has been linked to our main filtering organs, the liver and kidneys.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Astrology:  Leo/Aries

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