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Fluorite is a clarifying stone that promotes a sense of calm and unity.  Made of calcium fluoride, this mineral can form in green, yellow, purple, pink, blue or all of the above together.  Just as fluoride beautifully harmonizes all colors of the rainbow in one stone, it harmonizes the colors of our thoughts and emotions bringing us into a peaceful state of being.

Traditional Health Benefits:  Fluorite, with all its varying color formations is a natural amplifier.  Use fluorite with other healing stones to enhance the healing properties.  Fluorite is detoxifying to the chakras and energetic systems, helping to keep energetic pathways clear.  Fluorite is also traditionally used to clear the cobwebs from our minds to allow clear mental focus and deeper concentration.

Chakra:  Fluorite benefits all the chakras depending on its color but is associated most with the Third Eye chakra where it helps promote a clear line of inspiration.

Astrology:  Pisces

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