After Life: Refers to a continuation of existence after physical death. Most cultures past and present have contained some belief in an afterlife. This belief usually manifests itself in religion where that which continues on after death is referred to as a spirit or soul. Some believe the afterlife is a process of re-assimilation into a cosmic spirit. Others believe the afterlife is just another reincarnation of our consciousness.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Associated with thinkers and inventors.

Archetype: A situation, symbol or personality type that is easily recognized because it is common to all human experience.

Astrology: A form of divination that studies the cycles of the universe, the positions of the planets, stars, and moon and the influence these cycles appear to have on the earth and it’s inhabitants.

Astral Projection: The innate ability to separate your conscious mind from your physical body, usually during a meditative or sleep-like state, self-induced trance, or while under medical sedation. It enables you to view your own body while floating above it.

Astral Travel: A step beyond astral projection, astral travel is the ability of your conscious mind to travel to a distant location without your physical body.

Aura: A colorful halo-like, radiant field of energy that surrounds the body of all living things. A photograph of the aura can be captured using a Kirlian camera. The colors and intensity of the aura can then be read and used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the physical and mental body. Some sensitives are able to see and read the aura without this special camera.

Automatic Writing: A form of communication involving images and messages received from a spirit that are manifested in writing while in a trance-like state .

Biorhythm: A record of the up and down cycles in your body’s physical, emotional, and intellectual energy levels, since birth, projected on paper in a triple wave-like pattern. The feedback from your biorhythm can help you plan your day to take advantage of these cycles.

Chakra: One of seven centers of colorful, radiant, whirling energy, beginning at the base of the spine and continuing up to the crown of your head, said to be pathways for the absorption of energy. The colors of the Chakra are also revealed in the aura which radiates as the outer layer of the energy surrounding the body.

Channeler / Medium: A person who has the ability to allow a bodiless spirit to enter their unconscious mind for the purpose of conveying a message, usually to a loved one.

Chi: The universal energy that flows through meridians in the physical body. The body’s “life force”. The Chinese call it Chi. The Japanese call it Ki.

Chinese Astrology: In modern Chinese astrology the future is divined from the Chinese calendar. It refers to a 12 year cycle of animals and their characteristics known as the Chinese zodiac. Purely calendrical the Chinese zodiac does not have constellations that match its signs as does the accidental zodiac.

Clair Senses: The five senses that are perceived with the inner mind without the physical use of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue or nerves.

Clairaudience: The ability to receive knowledge through the inner ear that is not accessible to the physical ear.

Clair empathy: The ability to perceive and experience the emotional and physical feelings of another being.

Clair scent: The ability to perceive fragrances, smells, odors, etc. not accessible to the physical nose.

Clairsentience: The ability to know without conscious reasoning or the use of physical senses.

Clairvoyance: The ability to visualize knowledge that cannot be seen with the physical eye.

Collective Consciousness: The innate wisdom we are all born with. All of the past; human thoughts, experiences, ideas, symbols, archetypes, etc. that we instinctively recognize.

Consciousness: The state of being aware of everything around you, including your own feelings and emotions.

Conscious Mind: The 10% of the brain that thinks, processes information and makes conscious decisions.

Color Therapy: The individual colors of the spectrum each give off a unique vibration that affects our body’s physical and mental well being. Color has a profound affect on our daily lives. Color therapy is the use of color, usually combined with light, crystals, gems and their corresponding chakras to heal certain ailments of the body and spirit.

Creative Visualization: The idea that mentally creating a visual image will promote actually achieving it. This is done by focusing on what you want, using your imagination, intentions and positive affirmations to manifest the desired outcome.

Crystal Healing: The use of crystals to regenerate the energy centers, chakras, of the body.

De ja vu: French meaning “seen before”.

Divination: The ability “to see”, “to know”, “to understand” the past, present and future using methods beyond our current physical knowledge.

Dousing: The ability to find physical objects and answer simple yes or no questions using ones connection to the universal consciousness enhanced by the use of rods or pendulums to pick up the corresponding vibrations.

Dream Interpretation: The process of interpreting the universal symbols and archetypes seen in your dreams to understand how they relate to your waking life.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Usually down to earth, content with the status quo personality types.

Ephemeris: A book used by astrologers to find the exact location of any given heavenly body on any given day.

ESP: Extra Sensory Perception. The ability to know without reason; to perceive thoughts, sounds, situations, events, etc. without the use of the five physical senses. The ability to see auras as well as other forms of energy is also associated with ESP.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Always first to try anything and everything.

Fortune Teller: A fortune teller is one who tells a seeker their lucky or unlucky future. In many societies fortune telling is highly respected and an important part of the Social and Business culture. Fortune tellers in China take on roles equivalent to financial consultants and psycho therapists in western culture.

Feng Shui: A physical way to bring a sense of harmony and well being into ones space by arranging furniture and structures to be one with the occupant. It uses all of the elements; earth, wind, fire and water as well as compass points to achieve a sense of peace and tranquility.

Holistic Healing: Refers to the treatment of whole person, body, mind and spirit. The term is often misused to describe a natural form of healing that uses homeopathic remedies to stimulate the body to heal itself.

Homeopathy: The school of medicine that uses natural remedies to stimulate the body to heal itself.

Hypnosis: A state of mind achieved by focusing on a central point or idea so intensely that the mind relaxes its normal defenses thus allowing suggestions to be more readily received. Very similar to a meditative state.

I Ching: A form of Chinese divination that reads meaning into the position of coins tossed three times to answer questions.

Incense: Dried herbs and woods ground into powder and burned for their aromatic fragrance. The burning of different types incense is often used to induce different states of mind; also, used as offerings in religious ceremonies.

Intuition: Knowing without conscious reasoning. Intuition draws on knowledge gained from past experience that has been stored in the subconscious mind.

Karma: Refers to the belief that the consequences of your actions determine your destiny.

Meaning of the Tarot Cards: The word Tarot has several meanings, each based on a different possible source. In Egyptian, tar-ro means “ a path royal."

Meditation: Deep thinking, contemplation, engaging in a deep mental exercise directed towards a heightened level of Spiritual awareness.

Near Death Experience: An experience reported by over 8 million Americans, according to a Gallup poll, where the spirit or soul appears to separate from the body when the physical body experiences physical death. The experience prior to the person being reviewed varies depending on ones beliefs. However there are several commonalities including, awareness of death, floating, pleasant, calm feelings an over whelming sense of love and peace, meeting deceased relatives or spiritual figures, encountering a light or tunnel, being given a review of life, returning to the body with reluctance.

New Age: A group of 20th century social attitudes characterized by an individualistic, eclectic approach to spiritual exploration adapted from a variety of ancient and modern beliefs relating to spirituality right living and health. Combining elements of older eastern and western philosophical, spiritual and religious beliefs. New ages typically construct their own spiritual journey based on information and material that makes sense to them.